Head light rechargeable

Ref: BS09010 BS

gorra casco
The Philips HL22M features a powerful white light with a 110° beam angle. It illuminates as far as 70 metres ahead at up to 300 lumens in Boost mode. The 6500 K light is easy on the eye, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain for fatigue-free working. Match the light intensity to your work needs by turning the side-mounted knob or selecting one of the two presets. If you want the balanced mode, press the “M” button once and enjoy 150 lumens of stable light. Press twice for the Boost mode of 300 lumens. You also can use the integrated flashing-light function by pressing it for the third time. The Philips HL22M headlight takes less than three hours to fully charge. With a battery designed to last from 3 to 12 hours, it lets you work a full day without interruption. Then recharge overnight, ready to go again the next day.

32 €